Air Gear 291 English

RAW Provider: Rena-Chan
Translation: abcd9146
Cleaner & Typesetter: Aizen Sora
Color: TitaniaErza

Trick 291: Megaupload

Trick 291: Mangatopia

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SL from MH

Hi, thanks for the AG release. I am posting here to just inform that there are slight errors in this release (its missing a few letters).

On pg 15, "It's because idiots" is written as "t's because idiots"

On pg 16, "for hurting onii-chan...!!" is written as "or hurting onii-chan...!!"


Thank you very much for the chapter...


Error is on the 4th page

前後 does not mean "late"

so it's not late 20s it's around 20

前後 means:
around; throughout; front and back; before and behind; before and after; about that (time); longitudinal; context; nearly; approximately


Thanks for the release!

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