Air Gear 287 English

RAW Provider: Rena-Chan
Translation: abcd9146
Cleaner & Typesetter: Aizen Sora
Color: TitaniaErza

Version 1
Trick 287: Megaupload

Version 2
past events page

Trick 287:

Trick 287: Mangatopia

Trick 287: MC Anime

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Thank you very much for the chapter...


Thanks for the chapter.

Some stuff I found:

Page 8 third panel and bubble need an "a" after "just" and firth bubble doesn't the "s" after "kills"

Page 9 third panel second bubble needs "You're" be "Your" and the fourth panel needs a "s" after "Look"

Page 13 second panel and bubble needs "You're" be "Your"

Page 14 third panel second bubble needs "can" and "he" to switch places

Page 16 second panel fifth box needs the second "to" to be "so


muchas garcias!!!! no veia la hora que salera el cap T_T

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